Asier Polo

Artistic Director


Forum Musikae advance

Forum Musikae with the spirit, effort and dedication of all of us in the previous edition,continues with a renewed impulse this exciting project.

As artistic director of Forum Musikae and on behalf of all people who work hard during the course to offer this innovative proposal in Spain, I have the pleasure and responsibility to present a new edition of our International Academy of Music with a Summer Courses proposal and a music festival that claim to be of the highest quality and commitment to our understanding of music and education.

We offer to the new generations of aspiring professional musicians, the best possible educational proposals here and now, through the International Music Academy.

The best level in the national and international professors, sign of identity of our Forum, perfectly planned group activities, a serious and rigorous environment of work, but also special interest in the development of creativity and empowerment of all positive values can be attributed to the practice of music, is what you will find those who attend our summer courses.

With the extensive experience in teaching and interpretation of the professors of Forum Musikae and from my position as artistic director of the event, we want to help all students to know well the reality of the professional activity and the level of demand required to develop a music career today. From this view we intend to transfer to aspiring young professional musicians a realistic view of what is expected of them but also provide all the information, support and knowledge needed to achieve it.

Asier Polo – Artistic Director