István Szekely

István Szekely

Profesor de Piano

10 - 14 of July



Isaac István Székely is an internationally known pianist and pedagogue. He is a professor at the International Music Festival of Valencia. He is also a member of the Arensky Piano Quartet. His 2009 recital at the Congress Centre of Murcia (Spain) in which he premiered several pieces by Spanish composers was recorded and later produced as a live concert CD in 2010. Antonio Narejos, a professor at the local Murcia Conservatory, commented on the fact that the usual need for editing was not necessary for the production of the CD because of the high technical and pianistic abilities of Isaac that allowed for a superb recording.

In the past, Isaac has performed with notable artists including Clara Novakova, Joaquin Palomares, Joan Enric Lluna, Jovan Bogosavljevic, Susanna Gregorian, Adrian van Dongen, and soloists from the Orchestra of Valenica.

"His musical ideas and interpretations are very convincing and paired with excellent techical ability, a suggestive energy, and intellectual wisdom, which make a very strong impression of a mature and promising artist.” Yaron Traub, Music Director and Chief Conductor, The Valencia Orchestra, Spain.

His teachers hail from many top European schools and include Mátyás Molcer, Michael Boguslavsky, Benjamin Oren, Orsolya Szabó, Daniel Blumenthal and Aleksandar Madzar. Through his diligent hard work and excellent pedagogical background, Isaac has been able to win several prizes in numerous competitions. Through his professors he has a direct pedagogical line to Franz Liszt, L.V. Beethoven and even Johann Sebastian Bach.

As a teacher he is considered to be a refined pedagogue by many of his peers. His students have been hugely successful in their own careers, concerts, and international competitions. Dr. Orsolya Szabó of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music remarks, " I find his artistic expression and technical virtuosity remarkable. I witnessed his great abilities as a piano educator having had the chance to interact with his students under the auspices of my master classes. All his students hold him in the highest of esteem as a great piano teacher as well as a human being.”

Isaac is currently living in Albir, Spain, where he maintains a busy teaching and performing schedule. He also makes time to perform and give masterclasses at universities and festivals internationally.