Diego Tejedor

Diego Tejedor

Doublebass professor

10 - 16 of July



Diego Tejedor Santamaría. Teacher of double bass specialized in the early stages of training. He worked for thirteen years in the Professional Conservatory of Music "Ángel Barrios" of Granada, whose students currently hold lecterns in Spanish and European orchestras. Later he moved to the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón where he is part of the educational team of Didactics of the String, a pioneering project in Spain where he trains future teachers using a practical methodology, combining it with teaching at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Huesca. This work takes him to participate, for several years, in the courses "Pirineos Júnior" of Canfranc and "DaCapo" of Viznar.

He is the author of the books "Contrabajo Exprés" for use in the classroom, of which we can highlight some comments reflected in his prologues: "I know it will be a very necessary momentum in the progress of our pedagogy of contrabass" (Jaime Robles Soloist of the ONE), "I could verify his great personal involvement, musical talent and passion for art, as well as his high pedagogical capacity. At the same time to admire with sincerity the great technical and musical achievements acquired by its students, together with a surprising discipline and eagerness to learn "(Javier Sapiña Soloist of the Orchestra of Valencia).

His interest in tango leads him to be part of different groups including "Cameratango", "Tango a Través", "Ibertango" and "Graciela Jiménez Quintet". Member of the orchestras: Juvenil Iberoamericana CAP-UNESCO and Youth of Andalusia and collaborator of the ONE, Orquesta de Granada, Orchestra of Córdoba and JONDE. He has also been part of various theatrical performances as clown / double bass, and actor / bass player with the companies BarbaryEte and Animasur.

The teachers who have influenced him most in his career are Jaime Robles, Giuseppe Ettore and Thomas Martin. His concern to update and learn the recent interpretive tendencies leads him to take a master of solo performance with Professor Luis Cabrera.

He has been awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture and the Cordoba Orchestra.

He plays with an instrument Gustave Bernardel (Paris-France 1832-1904) and an arch by Reid Hudson (Duncan-Canada 2007).