Andrés Gomis

Andrés Gomis

Saxophone professor

8 - 14 of July

University Alfonso X The Wise - Faculty of Music and Performing Arts


Dedicated to the music contemporary of our time, Andrés Gomis is considered one of the musicians of reference of our country. He is recognized like a especialist of new sounds. Experiment with them, looking perhaps a new music and other sound experiences.

Born in 1962 in Dolores (Alicante). His training receives He received his training in conservatories in Alicante and Madrid, specializing later with Jean Marie Londeix. Gomis has been taking courses with José Luis de Delás, Arturo Tamayo, Helmut Lachenmann, Salvatore Sciarrino, Walter Zimmermann and Tristan Murail for study and analysis of contemporary music . Works closely with the most important composers of his generation. He has works dedicated by José María Sánchez Verdú, Alberto Posadas, Jesus Torres, Mauricio Sotelo, José Manuel López López, Sergio Blardony, José Luis Torah, Juan María José and Juan Eslava Cue.

He has performed numerous concerts inside and outside the country, participating in major national and international festivals. Stresses its passage through the Eclat Festival Stuttgart, Ultraschall Festival in Berlin (Germany), Bridges Festival in Mexico City, XI Conference on Contemporary Music CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, III Festival of Contemporary Music in Madrid, XII World Saxophone Congress , Montreal (Canada), I Music Week Women of the SGAE, Cycle of Music Reina Sofia Art Museum, Cycle Juan March Foundation, VIII Conference on Computer and Electronic Music of the CDMC in Madrid Chamber Cycle Palau Music Valencia, IV Music Festival Lion twentieth century, IInd Granada Contemporary Music. 69 San Sebastián Musical Fortnight and XXVI Festival of Contemporary Music Festival Ensems Alicante and Valencia.

He is a regular contributor to the National Orchestra of Spain, Orchestra and Chorus of Radio Television Spanish, Madrid Symphony Orchestra, and Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid. It has recently been invited to participate as soloist with the Stuttgart Radio-Sinfonierorchester. Among the directors he had the opportunity to collaborate includes names such as Zubin Mehta, Johannes Kalitzke, Arturo Tamayo, José Ramón Oaks, Jesus Lopez Cobos and Josep Pons. He is also founder of Project Sigma camera.

As a teacher, has been part of the professors of the Madrid Royal Conservatory, Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands and Conservatory of Music of Castile and Leon (Salamanca), currently being professor of university Alfonso X The Wise